domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

THE KAVANAGHS LIVE!! November 2011


The Kavanaghs played a couple of gigs in the later days. Participated at the Dofour Festival in Buenos Aires, played a powerful concert at McNamara, Rosario and also a couple of private events. Here are some photos of both shows and the play lists.


Durante estos ultimos días, The Kavanaghs realizaron una serie de conciertos. Participaron del Dofour Festival en Buenos Aires, brindaron un poderoso set en McNamara, Rosario y se presentaron también en varios eventos privados. Aquí les dejamos algunas fotos y play lists!

Play list

1. California girls [The Beach Boys]
2. Hyde Park
3. Friday on my mind
4. It´s real
5. Need a pity day
6. Love scripts
7. No matter what [Badfinger]
8. Tonight
9. Cat in town

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